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Pre-installed Windows 98 SE VirtualBox Image – Download and Use

Pre-installed Windows 98 SE VirtualBox Image – Download and Use

If you are still a fan of Windows 98 and want to have it on your Windows 10 or Linux or even macOS computers, you can have it by using VirtualBox. Why do you need to have Windows 98 now? It depends on you and the purpose. Still, some people love to play a few old games (DOS-based) and use legacy programs. Another good idea could be to keep a collection of working old Windows Operating Systems on the virtual environment.

I’m sure you can even show to your kids/friends to surprise them the oldest OS we used back in the year 1998 to 2002.

To save your time which involves in downloading the CD/ISO file and following installation steps (by the way, the installation time takes more than the Windows 10), here is the pre-installed VirtualBox image of Windows 98 SE. It is just a 64MB zipped file; you can easily download, import and use it on Oracle VirtualBox.

Note: As VirtualBox does not support guest additions on this older version of Windows OS, we may not able to use other enhanced features. You must use the right Ctrl key to release the cursor from VM.

We created this image from Windows 10 host computer. It should work on other Operating Systems such as Linux and macOS as long as you have the VirtualBox and correctly configured virtual machine settings.

Summary of the Pre-Installed image

  • Installed version: Windows 98 SE
  • License/Key: It is already activated. You will find plenty of working keys on the internet.
  • Display: VBEMP Universal VESA video driver installed. This enables the virtual machine to have 32 bit True colors and enough pixel resolutions inside the VM.
  • Sound & Network: Worked out of the box.
  • Updates: There are some unofficial Windows updates available for Windows 98 SE. But, we haven’t installed them. If you like to install, we highly recommended taking a snapshot of the VM before proceeding.
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